EFP Questionnaire – english

Current and future research in the field of Pychomotricity

Dear researchers and practitioners in the field of Psychomotricity! 

This questionnaire is an initiative of the European Forum of Psychomotricity (EFP) to support academic research in the field of Psychomotricity. It has the goal to gain an overview of recent interests, methods and instruments of psychomotor research and practice on an international level.   

We kindly ask you to donate 10 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire anonymously. The results will be presented on the official web-page of the EFP.  www.Psychomotor.org 

If you are a researcher, you have the possibility to create your „personal researcher profile“ in a restricted area of the EFP webpage. This will facilitate future collaborations and application for European project founding. 

For any questions contact us here:  
Thank you so much!  

EFP-Research WG1

Prof. Dr. Ana Rita Bodas (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portuguese Association of Psychomotricity, PT)

Prof. Dr. J. Lemmer Schmid (University of Applied Science Emden/Leer, GER)   

Dr. Maria Efstratopoulou (Aristotle University, Greece – UAE University, UAE)  

Dr. Tina Bellemans (University of Applied Science Windesheim, NL)   

MSc Melanie Nideröst (University of Teacher Education Lucerne, CH)   

Susanne Muzler BA, MA (University of Applied Arts Vienna, AU)  

Ariane Rene (Institute Ilya Prigogine Brussels, B)  

Aneta NĚMČANSKÁ (Masaryk University Brno, CZ) 







* A quick note about…  

…  your data protection: 
Your data will be saved and protected on a German academic online questionnaire webhost called Limesurvey (c). It obey the European / German law of data protection: https://dsgvo-gesetz.de/. We will not collect or forward any personal data without your explicit consent. Please contact us, if you would like further information. 

…the usage of the term psychomotricity  

Due to a national and internal variety of approaches and understanding of psychomotricity, this questionnaire is based on a broad definition given in the EFP Statutes (psychomot.org/efp/statutes, 9/2020): 

“The term PSYCHOMOTRICITY refers to approaches and methods which focus the „mutual influence of cognition, emotion and movement and their influence on the development of an individual’s competency within a psychosocial context.“  

So let´s start!  

Please choose now in which role you would like to fill out the questionnaire?  

for practitioners: 

O I am mostly a practitioner (link) 

for researchers:  

O I also do research projects in the field of psychomotricity (link)